At ClaimLinx we want to build a strong partnership with the providers who process our member’s claims. Therefore, we are committed to ongoing communication and education about the plans that are coordinated through our company. 

As a third party administrator, ClaimLinx can communicate with providers on issues surrounding medical claims processed through our office.  Our employees strictly adhere to all HIPAA regulations and guidelines as enforced by the federal government.  We strongly believe in the privacy of our clients, his/her employees and any individuals we contract for services with.  The goal of ClaimLinx is to ensure that all claims processed through our office are adjudicated according to the employer's plan design with the maximum payout allowed. 

Providers should feel free to contact our office to verify benefits, check on claims status and coordinate claims payment.  ClaimLinx coordinates the claims processing for over 6,000 members nationwide.  ClaimLinx is dedicated to implementing solutions with providers to streamline payment processing.  We focus on a national presence with personal local service.

Where to Submit Claims

10260 Alliance Road, Suite 130
Cincinnati, OH  45242
(513) 677-6262 or (800) 858-1772 phone
(513) 677-6263 or (800) 858-1913 fax